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Text Mode Demo Competition 2012

Text Mode Demo Compo 15 has been completed and the entries can be found here. The winning demo by trauma features a great soundtrack with really great ASCII. Have fun viewing them!


State of the demoscene

gloom has posted a great article about the demoscene evolution during the year period from 1991 – 2011 which can be read here. gloom also updated his article with a follow-up for 2012 which you can also find here. enjoy reading!

SAE – Scripted Amiga Emulator

a web based amiga emulator is out there ready to make you feel the retro feeling of the 90s. so for the likers of retro feelings click the link below to view awesome amiga demos and games from the glorious 90s. also the project is open source so fell free to contribute any way you like.

scripted amiga emulator

source code on github

The emulator requires WebGL so do not forget to activate it on your browser.