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Prince of Persia Source Code


i’m posting something which took place in april 2012 and did not draw much of public attention. you all know this game:


that’s right it’s prince of persia. the original one from the year 1989 build for Apple II home computer.

his creator jordan mechner found the source code of the game after 23 years and after an adventurous extraction from some really old floppies, posted it on github for future generations to study and exam it, contributing to digital history of games.

his article can be found here, whereas an article with more details on extraction can be found here. the source code is available on github. a copy of the game that runs perfectly on dos (win32 users use DOSBox) can be found here.


Text Mode Demo Competition 2012

Text Mode Demo Compo 15 has been completed and the entries can be found here. The winning demo by trauma features a great soundtrack with really great ASCII. Have fun viewing them!