One last thing from plastic.

If datura is a game that is more art than violence, then bound is a game about art. Your weapon is your dance, your moves are your destiny. In parallel, you get to experience different art styles of Modern Art, while unveiling an amazing story about who you are and why things in this game look they way they do. If you like indie – alternative – non violent games, then you are going to love this (I have already fell in love with it).



Since this blog started back in 2012, let’s post something I really liked from that period.

datura is a game made from plastic (yeah, I have posted a lot from them but they have made, and keep making as we speak, amazing stuff!). The awesome thing about datura is that it is not a game about violence (or at least not your average fps) but tells an amazing story, reminding more of a point-and-click adventure in 3D. It’s more of an experience, actually, than a game and not many people seem to have heard about it. So, if you have a PS3 (or PS4) go on and give it try as it never gets old.

New theme and clean up

After 1 year and 7 months of not posting (completely forgetting this blog actually) anything, decided to update the blog theme and appearance, plus cleaning up the redundant, obsolete or irrelevant blog posts. So last post (apart from this one) should now be dated back to 2013 (but this doesn’t really matter now, is it?). I hope that in the years to come, this blog gets (or not) updated several times with new content, if mood or time allows. Anyway, feel free to booze around. :)


TOPBENCH (an abbreviation for The Oldskool PC Benchmark) is a DOS benchmarking and profiling utility designed to help the vintage PC gaming enthusiast find the best machine speed for a particular game, whether running in an emulator or on real vintage hardware. Because it performs short measurements continuously, it is also ideal for “dialing” the speed of your favorite emulator (such as DOSBox) in realtime to more accurately match the speed of a particular system.

topbench site link